Thank you for the new reading glasses. Now I can see to sew, and make money to help my family…

Pastor Leonicio Fernandez

Thank you for your ministry to the Kuna. I was saved from a life of crime in a gang in Panama City, after Pastor Nicolas  Adames brought me back to the islands where he mentored me.  Now I minister to other Kuna youth to save them from a life of crime. At 16, I started my first church, and it is full. — Pastor Leonicio F.

Pastor Nicolas Adames

August 2007
To Floating Bible Schools:
Allen, when you came to my island, I was 13 years old. Back then, my people worshiped nature, and there was no Christian church on my island. Our culture and way of life were changing rapidly, and because there was a lack of education on the islands, the young people didn’t have much hope for a good future. I and my peers were apathetic, on drugs, and rebellious to our parents and island elders.
Thank you for caring about the Kuna people and reaching out to us with the love of God. You brought the
gospel of Jesus Christ to our island, and this brought hope and a bright future for me and my people. You
taught us that God had a plan for our lives, a plan of hope and a future. Today, twenty-two years later, I successfully minister as the senior pastor of the first church that you started on my island of Nalunega, and I oversee the subsequent
churches we started on four other islands. My wife and I have traveled to Bogota, Colombia, and I have ministered in
the United States on three short-term trips. Today, there is more hope for the Kuna culture and its youth, with greater
education and prosperity.
With much gratefulness,
Pastor Nicolas Adames
Senior Pastor, Word of Life Church
Nalunega Island, San Blas Islands, Panama

Tommy Chester

To Whom It May Concern:
It has been a sheer honor and delight working with Allen & Kathy Sappington (Floating Bible Schools International).
We have taken 3 teams, including teenagers and medical clinics, and I can honestly say that this is an ideal place for team missions. Their attention to detail and excellence in ministry really has helped as we have questions and concerns from parents of team members. After growing up on the mission field and now leading over 15 short-term missions with teens, I can attest that Allen and Kathy possess the personal and spiritual touch that’s needed to host a missions work. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an awesome experience in missions.
Tommy Chester
Pastor of Student Ministries
Northwood Temple church
Fayetteville, NC 28311